Books by Erik Christensen

The Defender of Rebel Falls

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but William knows which one feels better in his hand. As a librarian—a reluctant one—his reports catch the eyes of a powerful nobleman, who selects William for an important mission. As he faces danger after danger, he soon realizes that having the right weapon is one thing, but having the wits to use it is quite another. Because failure will lead to more deaths than his own.

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The Smugglers of Tighpool

William Whitehall has changed life on Esper forever.

But that doesn’t mean life is easy. Follow a group of smugglers as they try to outwit the King’s agents in New Athens. See how farmers are getting rich in Azuria, and what happens when bandits prey on them. And find out how a new Guard recruit responds to the ultimate threat to the Kingdom–while he’s still trying to graduate.

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The Skyrider of Renegade Point

If you’re going to chase an army, you’d better bring a few friends—and some dragons.

William Whitehall is in trouble. His barony is failing, his income has dried up, and he’s been saddled with the care of the dragon queen’s sickly offspring. At only twenty-one, he has already gone from hero to zero.

After a gang of renegade soldiers robs a local nobleman, William jumps at the chance to exact justice and earn a reward.

Borne on the wings of their dragon allies, he and his friends chase their elusive foe across land and sea, following a wake of escalating crimes, until it becomes clear that what he thought was a simple theft is actually something far more sinister. Now William must decide what’s more important: protecting his friends from danger, or preventing the fall of the kingdom.

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The Hunters of Ravenport

She had one simple job…

…how did it fall apart so fast?

In the northern wilderness, Rachel has one task: spy on the enemy camp and report back. Why are they so far from civilization? What are they planning? And what are those mysterious booming noises echoing through the mountains? For someone with her skills, it should be easy to find out.

Until she’s captured, that is.

To gain her freedom, she must promise the impossible. And to deliver, she needs to team up with the only people more antisocial than she is. Who are these strange hunters, and why have they chosen her? And more importantly, how can she lead them in a struggle against the most dangerous group of people on Esper?

You’ll love this William Whitehall spin-off novella because everyone loves a kick-ass heroine struggling against long odds.

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