What’s it about?

“What’s it about?”

Even more than the genre question, this is what I’m asked most about my book. Reasonable, right?

To put it succinctly, it’s about William Whitehall–hence the name of the blog. William lives on Esper, a planet that long ago regressed into an agrarian, feudalistic society, and struggles to find where he fits in. With no master to apprentice him, no land to inherit, and only his skills with pen and sword to recommend him, his options are limited. Luckily, he knows exactly what he wants: to follow his late father’s footsteps in the Guard.

Instead, he is selected to work in the Library, the result of his mother’s insistence on getting the best education she could afford for him. Devastated, but honor-bound to serve, William throws himself into his work, his reports catching the attention of a far-off nobleman. He is then sent on what should be a simple mission, but instead turns into a series of adventures, each more dangerous than the last. As time runs out, William and his team must not only finish their quest, they must also uncover the secret that threatens the very fabric of society. And William must decide how much he is willing to sacrifice in order to stop it.